OSCommerce Hacked?

Need to secure your ecommerce system?

We can cleanup and secure your OSCommerce site for a low price

  • Do you run OSCommerce as your ecommerce platform?
  • Would you like to make sure that your site is secure from more than 90% of typical hack attempts?
  • Has your OSCommerce site been hacked?
  • Are you concerned that maybe your site was hacked, and can't tell?
  • Would you like to block out hackers, even if you have no evidence that you have been hacked?
  • CO4 Computing can help you secure your site and cleanup any remnants of the hackers to prevent them from getting back in.

Contact Us and we can provide a free initial analysis and quote to get your site back in business, while cleaning up remnants that the hackers left behind and securing the system to prevent future hacking attempts. We offer specials starting at $199 for OSCommerce and server security updates, mention promo code "OSCommerce Hacked".

Discount Packages are available for multiple web sites

Please note: we offer services to prevent more than 90% of hacker attempts against OSCommerce, it is your obligation to ensure your site is backed up, and to ensure protect any confidential data you have on the site is not available to the public.